EpiCare LPX

Everyone knows that laser light is the best way to remove unwanted hair. It may take a few treatments, but laser hair reduction is permanent! Of the laser methods available today, those based on the alexandrite laser have proven over the years to be the most effective and the safest to use on the widest variety of hair and skin types.

Many thousands of people have had embarrassing hair problems permanently eliminated and many more have found that alexandrite laser hair reduction is a painless and cost effective way to free themselves from the routine chore of hair removal. No razors, depilatories, lotions, waxes, adhesive strips, tweezers, or electrolysis!

Practitioners using laser hair removal systems need a safe and effective device upon which they can rely, and those who specialize in hair removal want a system that is simple and fast. A hair removal system that has the capacity to grow with their practice and one that can help them grow their practice.

Our unique SmartScreen™ Practice Management System assists in record keeping, protocols, and helps insure smooth operation and profitability.

In comparing hair removal systems the key figures of merit are treatment speed and effectiveness, total system cost (including purchase price and operating costs), reliability and the cost of downtime. Here, the EpiCare™ hair removal system’s proven track record of reliability and modular design excel. Ask us for a detailed cost comparison with any competitive hair removal system.